Export GaNCH search results as a CSV file

Data for the GaNCH project is stored in Wikidata. Use the following steps to perform a GaNCH search directly in Wikidata and export the results as a CSV (Comma Seperated Value) table file.

From the GaNCH homepage, choose the dataset search that you want to download. For our example, we'll use GEMA Region 1.

Next, click on the link See this search in Wikidata. This will open up the search in a new browser tab at the Wikidata Query Service website.

Then, click on the blue play button in the lower-left to run the SPARQL query search in Wikidata. Wait a few moments and the table of data will appear below.

Last, click the Download drop-down menu and select CSV File. This will save your file as query.csv.

You can now import the CSV file into the spreadsheet software of your choice (i.e. LibreOffice Calc, Microsoft Excel, or Google Sheet).